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Firearms and Melee Weapons


  Firearms We currently have 72 custom named firearms in the game. These include handguns, sh...

Morningwood Electrical Supplies

Points of Interest

Located on the corner of Boulevard Del Perro and Morningwood Boulevard in the Morningwood neigh...

Morningwood Arms Trade

Points of Interest

The Morningwood Arms Trade is located on the corner of Boulevard Del Perro and Morningwood Boul...

Sub Urban Del Perro

Points of Interest

This store is located on a promenade just off of San Andreas Avenue in the Del Perro neighborho...

Pillbox Hill Premium Deluxe Motorsport

Points of Interest

Premium Deluxe Motorsport, located on the corner of Power Street and Adam's Apple Boulevard in ...

Strawberry Totally Rental

Points of Interest

The Strawberry Totally Rental is located on the corner of Strawberry Avenue and Carson Avenue i...

Little Seoul Ammunation

Points of Interest

This Ammunation is located on the corner of Lindsay Circus and Palomino Avenue in the neighborh...



  We have 30 unique ammo types shared across all available weapons with a handful only availab...

Davis Speedcuts

Points of Interest

Located at 1789 Carson Avenue in the Davis neighborhood of Los Santos, between Davis Avenue and...

Barber Shop

Character Customization

Davis Speedcuts at 1789 Carson Avenue.   Getting Started When you first enter a barber shop ...

Emergency Vehicle Lights System

Legal Law Enforcement

Los Santos County Sheriff's Department Vapid Victor   A very important thing when driving a...