Legal Weapons

The purchase and possession of legal weapons will be the most common. There are 4 type of weapon licenses you could possess. To apply to obtain your weapon license, you can apply on

Purchase a Firearm (PF) = The standard license you need to possess that legally allows you to purchase and own a firearm inside your properties and gives you access to gun stores.
Carry a Concealed weapon (CCW) = A CCW allows you to carry a concealed firearm on your person.
Guard Card (GC) = A Guard Card is required for players who want to be employed as armed security guards.
Federal Firearms License (FFL) = A FFL allows players to sell legal firearms out of their business, such as gun stores. The application process for a FFL differs and is handled by a selected committee.

Melee weapons may be purchased unrestricted at gun stores without any weapon license by players.

When purchasing any firearm, a serial number will be generated and it'll now be linked to you. Law enforcement are given a database of the weapons you purchase, when they were purchased and where. They are also able to look up serial numbers to match it to a buyer.

There comes restrictions with purchasing firearms and ammo.


You may only own 3 legal weapons at a time. Each weapon, regardless of type, take up a weapon slot. These weapon slots are occupied permanently unless that weapon is stolen or becomes lost on your death.

Let me explain more about how a "slot frees" and how long that takes.

If you report your weapon stolen through a law enforcement agency, they have the means to mark it as stolen. In the event this occurs, your weapon slot will now free in 7 days. For example, if you're 3 / 3 and a weapon is stolen and gets marked, even if it isn't in your possession, you can't buy another weapon since that slot isn't free yet.

In the event you die, if one of those weapons is on you, it'll be marked as destroyed and the slot will free in 7 days. It is the same case as it being reported stolen. Until it frees in 7 days, the slot will remain occupied. If another player who has your weapon dies, this will not be the case, since the weapon can still be reported stolen. Only if you die, the player who bought the weapon, will this occur.


You may only purchase ammo for weapons you have access to, or weapons that you're buying (in your store cart). For example, the 3 weapons I possess are all pistols, I won't be able to buy ammo for a shotgun since I don't own one and I'm not buying one. There is no limit to how much ammo you can buy. Note that ammo you buy in gun store comes as a pack of 50.


There are no restrictions.