Firearms and Melee Weapons



We currently have 72 custom named firearms in the game. These include handguns, shotguns, and rifles. Some of these guns are restricted to law enforcement factions but the majority of them are available to buy from an Ammunation with a license or illegally if you find someone willing to sell you one!


An example of some of the handguns available at an Ammunation.ammunation.png



handguns.pngHandful of handguns you can carry around.

When you receive a firearm it'll show up in your inventory with the custom name and icon unique to that firearm. From here you can right click on your weapon and you'll have the option to move it, equip or unequip it, and unload the ammo currently in the gun if it's loaded.


The default key to open your inventory is 'i' on your keyboard. This can be changed in your in-game settings via /settings → Keybinds!

The move option allows you to move your firearm from your character's inventory to any other inventory you have access to. This may be a duffle bag you're carrying with you, your car, or a container in your house.

Before you can use your firearm from the weapon wheel you have to equip it. This is what the equip or unequip option is for in the inventory. You can have multiple weapons in your inventory but only one primary and secondary equipped and up to three melee weapons at one time.

This is what the automatic emote shows when you equip a weapon.equip.png


Melee Weapons

We have all 17 melee weapons available for use in-game. As stated in the previous section, you can have up to three melee weapons equipped at one time and can switch between them with the weapon wheel. The melee weapons work the same way as the firearms in the inventory. You can move to another inventory and equip or unequip them by right clicking.


Yes, you can even get a baseball!melee.png