We have 30 unique ammo types shared across all available weapons with a handful only available to law enforcement or acquired via illegal means. With the exception of the 12 gauge shotgun ammo and the .58 caliber muzzleloader ammo, each caliber has two types of ammo. This is typically a jacketed hollow-point round (JHP) and a full metal jacket round (FMJ). You can load the ammo into any gun that supports the caliber. A Glock 19 will accept 9mm JHP or 9mm FMJ but won't accept .45ACP FMJ or JHP.


Ammo Types


Handgun Ammo

The most common types of handgun ammo on the server are full metal jacket rounds (FMJ) and jacketed hollow-points (JHP). Hollow-points do more internal damage to a person than the full metal jacket rounds due to the bullet's expansion and we're following that here on the server as well. JHP rounds will do more damage than an FMJ round of the same caliber. Most submachine guns share handgun calibers so the majority of them will fall under this as well.

Rifle Ammo

Rifle rounds are a little different but function the same. Instead of having FMJ and JHP, the rifle rounds and certain SMG rounds will have armor piercing and standard ammo types. AP rounds such as the 5.45x39mm 7N10 round for the AK74s in the game will do more damage than a standard round such as the 7N6 variant of the same caliber. These rounds are going to be more expensive and are illegal to obtain. The standard rounds do less damage than the AP rounds but they're still very deadly.


Using Ammunition


Once you obtain ammo for your gun you can open your inventory and you'll see all the ammo you have on your person. From here you can right click on the ammo icon and you'll have a few options.

If you sort by weapons ( weapontab.png) you'll only see the guns, melees, attachments, and ammo you have in your inventory.

Loading Ammo

When you right click on a specific ammo type you will have the option to load that into any compatible firearm your character has. Once that ammo has been loaded, you're ready to use it. You're also able to unload the ammo from the gun and it'll go back into your inventory.


Splitting Ammo

The second option you have is to split your ammo. This allows you to take a stack and turn it into smaller stacks to share with others, load into separate guns, or store part of it away somewhere. When you right click your ammo and click the 'Split' option you'll be greeted with a menu.


From here you enter the amount you want to split into a new stack and press the split button. You'll now have a new stack of ammo in your inventory that you can do whatever you want with! You can split any ammo from 2 to whatever the maximum amount is in that stack. Using the image above as an example, you could create 3 new stacks of 25 rounds for a total of 4 stacks equaling 100 rounds you can now load into 4 different guns.