Department of Motor Vehicles

The San Andreas Department of Motor Vehicles is your one stop shop for all things vehicle and license related. To start, open the Department of Motor Vehicles menu with /dmv. You have the following options: License Testing, Vehicle Registration, License Renewal, and Personalized License Plate.


License Testing

Knowledge Test

By default your character doesn't have a license and will need to take the Driver's Knowledge Test prior to taking the Road Test. The knowledge test consists of 15 multiple choice questions with each one relating to general united States road law, common driving etiquette, and the San Andreas vehicle code You have 5 minutes to complete the knowledge test and it'll cost $70.




If your character is under the age of 18 but at least 16 years old they will receive their learner's permit and must wait 3 days before being able to take the road test upon passing the knowledge test. If your character is 18 and older you will be able to take the road test immediately after passing the knowledge test. If you cancel the process after passing the quiz or if you fail the road test you'll have to retake the knowledge test.


Road Test

To start the road test you must enter the DMV test vehicle in the parking lot. Entering will bring up a box giving you the rules of the test and how it works. We recommend you read this entirely as not doing so will result in you failing and restarting the process. You'll have a path to follow around certain areas of the city of Los Santos before returning to the DMV to get your final results.




Once you pass your road test your license will be valid for 1 month before it needs to be renewed. You do not need to take the road test to renew your license.


Vehicle Registration

When you purchase a vehicle from the dealership your vehicle will not be registered. You will have a blank plate and are at risk of being pulled over, fined, and having your vehicle impounded. The first thing you should do after purchasing a new car is head straight to the DMV to register it. Open the DMV menu again with /dmv and select the Vehicle Registration option. This will bring up a list of all vehicles owned by your character with the model name, plate number (if registered), and the registration renewal date (again, if registered). Select the vehicle you want to register and you'll be charged $500 to receive a random generated license plate.




Attaching Plates

You may notice that even after registering, your car still has blank plates. This is because you need to attach the plate to your vehicle yourself. You can do this by opening your inventory, finding the plate object, right clicking it, and selecting "Attach to nearby vehicle" while standing next to your vehicle. You can attach your plate to any vehicle - it's not restricted to only yours. Yes, that means stealing and swapping plates to avoid police will eventually be a thing!


271590_20220818112236_1_trim.pngA brand new Emperor straight from Premium Deluxe Motorsports!


271590_20220818112641_1_trim.pngThat's a pretty cool UI for attaching plates.

License Renewal

Your license expires one month after receiving it and in order to stay legal you'll need to head down to the DMV to renew it. A license renewal costs $70 and is good for a month from the time of renewal. You can check /licenses at any time to see when your driver's license will expire.




Personalized License Plate

If you get tired of seeing the normal plate format or just want to make your vehicle stand out you have the option of getting a personalized license plate. Your vehicle needs to be registered to get a personalized plate. Go into the Personalized License Plate section of the DMV menu and type in what you want as your vanity plate. You have 8 characters to work with but remember your plate would realistically get approved by the DMV so don't put anything illegal or explicit. A personalized plate costs $500 so choose wisely! You have to attach the plate the same way you did when first registering the vehicle. Any abuse of this feature may lead to punishment.