The server employs a unique Heads-Up Display (HUD) to give you all the information you need at a glance while keeping it out of your way when you're focusing on what's happening in-game.

All HUD elements, aside from the player list and chat, are confined to the bottom left corner of the screen by the mini-map. This gives you clean screenshots that can easily be edited without losing half your screen.

Everything in the HUD is self-explanatory: the image-1621371274997.png icon is your health and the image-1621371338411.png icon is your armour. The colour difference is how much health or armour you have, so in the screenshot above, I have roughly 70% health and armour. The image-1621371406988.png icon is your on-hand cash.

Below the three main HUD icons is your location. This updates whenever you enter a business or even a new street. The business name will show up once you enter the business premises and the street name will include corners, too, to give you a precise location of where you are!

When in a vehicle, you will also see your vehicle name, current fuel level and your current speed.

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