Chat commands available are the same as any typical roleplay server: IC, OOC, shouting, talking quietly, et cetera. One difference that you may spot is that the /ame command now shows the label above your own head, so you can see exactly what other players see.


Hints, Command Usage

The chat box has been revolutionised to make your playing experience as easy as possible. Once you hit the T key and begin typing, the server will suggest the most popular commands as you type, as seen below:


Some commands have default values to speed you up. To automatically enter a default value, just hit the TAB key. You can do this to autofill commands, too:


As expected, pressing the UP and DOWN keys will allow you to navigate the history of your chat messages, while you can navigate the history of the chat box by pressing T, hovering over the chat box and using the SCROLL WHEEL to move the chat up and down.

Each chat type has a different look so that you can easily distinguish. Roleplay lines, like /me, are in their usual purple colour. In Character lines are white, becoming more grey the further away from the source player you are, with /shout allowing you to increase the range at which people can hear you and /low to decrease it. Admin and OOC image-1621369539211.gif announcements are also in separate colours to get your attention when you're in the middle of roleplay.

You'll notice in the animation to the left that where it says "s is not a valid command!", there is a image-1621370089470.png icon on the left. This denotes an error, such as in this case, /s not being a valid command. Other icons you may see include image-1621370252671.png, which denotes a success (for example, when you get a job or fill a gas tank).