6. Safezones

Safezones are areas where you may not commit any crimes, which include robberies, muggings, hold ups, etc, and general harassment / intimidation.

This rules covers highly populated areas and or areas that would realistically be covered by security and cameras. These locations are, but not limited to:

  • All government buildings
  • All hospitals
  • All schools
  • All banks
  • All airports
  • All gun stores / ammunation stores
  • All vehicle dealerships
  • All locations that give you access to a scripted job
  • All clothings stores

If any roleplay leads in to a safezone area, you are allowed to continue and are exempt from this rule.

For example: If you are trying to kill or maime another player and they run in to a clothing store, you can follow them and continue. You should act wisely, nonetheless and not abuse this. If they were to run in to a government building such as a police station, realistically, you would not continue to pursue and try to kill them. If the roleplay can wait until it reaches a safer location, then it should.

Punishment: Anything from a verbal warning to an admin-jail depending on severity.