5. Third Party Modifcations

Third party modifications that give you an unfair advantage over other players are not allowed. Utilize common sense before you install programs or mods, because if you are found out to be using something you should not, you will be banned. If you are in doubt as to whether a modification is allowed, ask a member of the staff team. If you think or know someone is cheating, it is your obligation to report them.

The bottom line is: if it gives you an advantage over others, it is not allowed.

Cheating bans are 1 year or longer with no exception.

Keybinds that script influential role-play / responses, give you any sort of advantage over other players or act as macros to shorten server commands are forbidden.

Frequently used emotes (not server commands) that do not drastically impact a scene - e.g. describing your character's appearance, performing a repetitive action such as keying a radio or brandishing a small weapon (where no role-play is technically needed) and anything else along those lines may be bound to a key. In short, they may only be used to enhance role-play. It is your responsibility to ensure that your binds are in line with this rule.

Vehicle modifications that alter the way a vehicle handles are disallowed.

Free cam may only be used with lead admin approval and supervision.

Modifications that alter the way your character's height, width and/or size is disallowed.

Players who install PED modifications should ensure they are in line with their default character. This includes objects from the native GTA V world. Objects should not be altered in any way whatsoever.

Punishment: Ban, cheating is that serious.