7. Faction Leadership Overthrow

In order for a faction member to request approval for a Faction Leadership Overthrow, they must be a high ranking member of the faction. Faction Team Council must be contacted before any in-game or out-of-character action is taken. You must have the support of the majority of the faction members (75 percent) which should be confirmed over a LS-RP forum PM. On top of the aforementioned, there needs to be exceptional reasoning in-character or out-of-character in order to receive approval by Faction Team to begin a Faction Leadership Overthrow.

Any situation where a (co-)leader is forcefully removed from the faction is considered to be a Faction Leadership Overthrow. When in doubt, contact Faction Team Council.

NOTE: Bare in mind this should come as a last resort, always do your best to work out the issues you may have with the leader/leadership, Faction Team will be judging off of a strict basis when it comes to these scenarios.