6. Agreements

Players are subjected to CK/immediately give out their CK rights after either participating within the faction actively for a period of 2 weeks or upon posting on the factions thread while their character is affiliated with the faction. Affiliation can be defined as someone who is role-playing in an associate capacity or has obtained membership within the faction. Faction leaders or high ranking members are obligated to provide a players time period via screen shot (of at least 2 weeks at any given moment of them roleplaying as a member within the faction) and have this forwarded to the faction team to validate the CK being performed, should there be any disagreement over the validity of a CK. Note: Any attempt to forge/fabricate CK claims will result in severe repercussions.


CKs may only be done for IC reasons. OOC based CKs are forbidden. Additionally, if there are role-play quality concerns which results in a faction member having to be OOC removed, Faction Team Council is to be consulted.

CK agreements are only valid while the faction exists (in the faction forum). All CK rights over any characters are expired upon the closure/termination of a faction - in the event a faction re-opens then all CK permissions have to be re-obtained. Players character killed from a faction are prohibited (unless agreed with leadership) from interacting with the faction itself until a month has passed.


All groups that do not have a faction thread or consider themselves a faction are also to follow the rules of engagement. Players are considered to be a group when they are an organized entity of three players and above acting together. The nature of their role-play does not matter, as long as there's three or more players actively involved in role-playing together.