4. Player-Specific Character Kill Applications

A character kill application may be submitted by any faction member against a specific player that belongs to another illegal faction. A player cannot submit a character kill application against someone who is in the same faction (refer to coup rules or coordinate with your faction leadership). It is strongly encouraged that you communicate this decision with your faction leadership prior to submitting any character kill applications. Those applications are reviewed by Faction Team Council and approved or Rejected. Keep in mind that character kills on specific players need valid reasoning, which is usually due to a well developed role-play scenario, where a player-kill would not suffice.


*Character kill applications can only be submitted within illegal factions, regardless of official status or not.


A player-specific character kill is still considered a faction attack and follows the same set of rules outlined above.


Any member in the faction may carry out the character kill as long as the person who filed the character-kill application has agreed to it and there is proper role-play and character development behind the scenario.


If the player attempting to carry out the Character Kill dies by anyone during the attempt, or while fleeing, they are to CK. There will be no exceptions to this.