Rules of Engagement

1. Faction Attacks

Faction Attacks Defined

A faction attack is automatically considered when you directly fire upon or attack a faction with firearms or bladed weapons, no matter whether they are dead or brutally wounded. Brawls are also considered faction attacks if a faction stomps their rivals out in an attempt to kill them.

Spraying over tags (unless caught and it realistically escalates to usage of firearms or bladed weapons), brawling and general behaviour that is interpreted as hostile that do not include the usage of firearms or bladed weapons are not considered a faction attack, unless it meets the criteria of the faction attack definition.

Upon initiating a faction attack, you should not linger in or around said faction's turf, with the sole intent of hunting people down to kill them. This includes chasing individuals around the area just to kill them.

Faction attacks should be performed in a sensible manner, including sufficient reasoning for the choice of weapons used.

For example; attacks performed for minor acts don't warrant the usage of an assault rifle.

You are encouraged to enter faction controlled wars (e.g character-kill wars) to promote role-play.



6 hour cooldown between each faction attack. 


Only six participants can be involved in any faction attack, this includes allies. As an attacking faction, you are to choose your weapons realistically based on the severity of the war.


There are no participation limits in regards to brawls.


Previously killed members of either faction may defend their faction members from any attack, or form of active aggression, but may not be involved in any future attacks / retaliations. Alternate characters may not be used directly relating to a situation if your main character was killed and vice versa this includes the transmission of information pertaining to the opposing faction.


Robberies and brawls are not considered attacks unless it escalates to a hostile situation (see faction attack definition) with firearms or bladed weapons being used. The faction that shoots or attempts to stab first is considered the one initiating the faction attack, unless they are defending their faction members from an active robbery. Factions are allowed to breach the 6-hour cooldown if their faction members are being robbed, in the heat of the moment and at the time of the immediate situation, not after. After, both factions that were involved in the robbery (victims, robbers) are forced into a 6-hour cooldown. It is important to remember that realistic escalation needs to be taken into consideration, unrealistically provoking a faction to be attacked is not allowed, and vice versa.



Faction A heads into Faction B's area and tags it up. Faction B finds them and a brawl happens. Faction B pulls out guns and starts shooting. Faction B in this scenario are the ones initiating the faction attack regardless if it is in their area.


Faction A encounters Faction B and decides to rob them, however, Faction B has attacked them 3 hours ago. Faction B is allowed to immediately shoot them upon the attempted robbery and by-pass the 6-hour cooldown.


New factions are prohibited from provoking other factions and must be open for a minimum of 1 week before conducting an attack on any faction. If the newly formed faction is attacked first by an opposing faction, they may actively retaliate against them in a realistic manner that accommodates their faction's current development. It is worth to mention that newer factions shall not attempt to loophole around this clause by performing robberies or brawls with the intention of getting attacked by another faction and entering a faction war.


Weapon Restrictions

Any sort of explosive weapons may be used in attacks, as long as there's realistic escalation and realistic role-play. In the event that they are used against a rival faction property, you must obtain property destruction permission from an admin.

Sniper rifles and long range single-shot rifles can only be used against a single target and require an FM Admin's permission.
For explosive weapons to be used on a rival faction's business, you must get FM Admin's permission about your plans.


Allies and their Participation

Before introducing an ally into an attack, you must be clearly related to the faction and have a standing relationship. Sufficient evidence must be present for both the standing relationship as well as including sensible motivation to be assisting said faction.


Only one allied faction may be invoked per attack, and there must be one month of evidence to back your allegiance. Factions are limited to (3) three allies aiding per attack and are obligated to have (1) member of their own participating. Allies will also be put on a six (6) hour attack cooldown. Remember as an ally, you are also opening yourself up to a potential war with your allies' rival.


Death and Cooldowns

Players put into death mode during an attack of any faction are automatically considered dead and have no recollection of the attack or events leading up to it until the Uncontrolled Faction War concludes or a Controlled Faction War is organized.


The faction under attack may retaliate at their own discretion. Any kills made by law enforcement, the opposing faction's members, imprisonments over 6 (six) hours (360 minutes) or admin jails, directly relating to the attack, automatically remove you from the situation.

A faction that just had a (controlled) faction war with a faction, may not have another/any war or faction attacks with that same faction for TWO (2) weeks unless instructed otherwise by Faction Team. That counts for both factions (including allies) that were involved regardless of who was victorious.

2. Faction Wars

Faction Wars Defined

A faction war is an active conflict between two or more factions. A faction war can be uncontrolled, a controlled faction war or a prison war.


Uncontrolled Faction Wars Defined

An uncontrolled faction war is an active conflict between two or more factions that has to follow all the mentioned rules within the rules of engagement and all its conditions be altered in any way, regardless of agreement between the factions involved (unless the agreement is to end the war).


All 'set' conditions regarding this type of war may be found in the faction attacks section.


Uncontrolled Faction Wars Conditions

Automatically considered a Faction War when one factions attacks and another retaliates.

Automatically ends after two weeks since last attack by either party.

Valid until each member of all participating factions dies once, one faction forfeits or mutual agreement is made to end the war.

Faction Team Council may put an end to an uncontrolled faction war if there's unrealistic escalation.


Controlled Faction Wars Defined

A controlled faction war is an active conflict between two or more factions that is communicated to the Faction Team, where specific conditions are agreed (within reason).

This type of war usually has some sort of reward, that being a turf expansion or character kills.


Controlled Faction Wars Conditions

All conditions are agreed and finalized with Faction Team Council. Those conditions are usually character kills for all faction members involved, modified faction attack conditions (e.g lesser / higher cooldowns, weapons restrictions etcetera). OOC Masks are not allowed regardless of agreement.


Valid until Faction Team Council declares the end of the war, which is done when 75% of either faction's roster is killed, faction forfeit, mutual agreement or due to unrealistic escalation.


Prison Wars Defined

A prison war is considered when a single faction attacks a rival faction with six or more members. Members who are killed can reinvolve themselves in this war in the next fight. There are no player kills in this 48 hour conflict, although it's optional to CK to permanently remove yourself from the conflict.


Prison War Conditions

Attack time and dates must be documented in the prison liaison section on the LSSD forums.
Automatically considered a war following an attack that involves six or more members from one side
Only two knives can be used per faction, in each faction attack that involves more than eight players.
Can last up to 48 hours from the initiating attack. 

Ends when 75% of either faction's roster is killed, faction forfeit, mutual agreement or due to unrealistic escalation.

3. Faction Turfs

A faction turf is an area that a faction actively role-plays in, that has been granted by Faction Team through an application. All faction turfs on the turf map are considered Out of Character.  Do read the faction attack definition and what constitutes a faction attack, as holding a turf is no longer associated with the rules of engagement.


The only layer of protection that the faction turf provides is not allowing other factions to open a faction and actively begin role-playing in another faction's turf.


In the event of an already established faction wishing to expand into another faction's turf, a Controlled War must be set up in coordination with the Faction Team.


4. Player-Specific Character Kill Applications

A character kill application may be submitted by any faction member against a specific player that belongs to another illegal faction. A player cannot submit a character kill application against someone who is in the same faction (refer to coup rules or coordinate with your faction leadership). It is strongly encouraged that you communicate this decision with your faction leadership prior to submitting any character kill applications. Those applications are reviewed by Faction Team Council and approved or Rejected. Keep in mind that character kills on specific players need valid reasoning, which is usually due to a well developed role-play scenario, where a player-kill would not suffice.


*Character kill applications can only be submitted within illegal factions, regardless of official status or not.


A player-specific character kill is still considered a faction attack and follows the same set of rules outlined above.


Any member in the faction may carry out the character kill as long as the person who filed the character-kill application has agreed to it and there is proper role-play and character development behind the scenario.


If the player attempting to carry out the Character Kill dies by anyone during the attempt, or while fleeing, they are to CK. There will be no exceptions to this.

5. Factions & Contract Kills

Faction members, official or unofficial, may carry out on a paid hit at their leadership's discretion, should their reasoning be just (must be an internal issue, not external. i.e a problem directly related to your faction members/leaders.

Any member of an official faction may request for hit to be made on their behalf, by a party/participant of their choice (must be approved by their faction's leadership)
Any member of an official faction may carry out a contract hit.


Contract kills are anything Player-Kill related or Character Kill War related (in coordination with FTC), Player-Specific Character Kills from applications can only be delegated to other faction members that are in the same faction of the person who received the CK permission approval from FTC.

6. Agreements

Players are subjected to CK/immediately give out their CK rights after either participating within the faction actively for a period of 2 weeks or upon posting on the factions thread while their character is affiliated with the faction. Affiliation can be defined as someone who is role-playing in an associate capacity or has obtained membership within the faction. Faction leaders or high ranking members are obligated to provide a players time period via screen shot (of at least 2 weeks at any given moment of them roleplaying as a member within the faction) and have this forwarded to the faction team to validate the CK being performed, should there be any disagreement over the validity of a CK. Note: Any attempt to forge/fabricate CK claims will result in severe repercussions.


CKs may only be done for IC reasons. OOC based CKs are forbidden. Additionally, if there are role-play quality concerns which results in a faction member having to be OOC removed, Faction Team Council is to be consulted.

CK agreements are only valid while the faction exists (in the faction forum). All CK rights over any characters are expired upon the closure/termination of a faction - in the event a faction re-opens then all CK permissions have to be re-obtained. Players character killed from a faction are prohibited (unless agreed with leadership) from interacting with the faction itself until a month has passed.


All groups that do not have a faction thread or consider themselves a faction are also to follow the rules of engagement. Players are considered to be a group when they are an organized entity of three players and above acting together. The nature of their role-play does not matter, as long as there's three or more players actively involved in role-playing together.

7. Faction Leadership Overthrow

In order for a faction member to request approval for a Faction Leadership Overthrow, they must be a high ranking member of the faction. Faction Team Council must be contacted before any in-game or out-of-character action is taken. You must have the support of the majority of the faction members (75 percent) which should be confirmed over a LS-RP forum PM. On top of the aforementioned, there needs to be exceptional reasoning in-character or out-of-character in order to receive approval by Faction Team to begin a Faction Leadership Overthrow.

Any situation where a (co-)leader is forcefully removed from the faction is considered to be a Faction Leadership Overthrow. When in doubt, contact Faction Team Council.

NOTE: Bare in mind this should come as a last resort, always do your best to work out the issues you may have with the leader/leadership, Faction Team will be judging off of a strict basis when it comes to these scenarios.

Rules of Engagement Changelogs

ADDED - Rule #6: All groups that do not have a faction thread or consider themselves a faction are also to follow the rules of engagement. Players are considered to be a group when they are an organized entity of three players and above acting together. The nature of their role-play does not matter, as long as there's three or more players actively involved in role-playing together.


CHANGED - Rule #4 was reworded.

Initial release.