We've done our best to generalize properties as much as possible and provide custom permissions per-property. There's no property types per se, but via customized settings and permissions it can be turned into a garage, a casino, a simple hotdog stand and so on. For instance, instead of locking /microphone for a club business type, an administrator can allow any property to use that feature, or they can inherit it from a furniture item.

Properties can be owned by players, companies or factions

Property Areas

Instead of being restricted to interior properties only, each property can also contain chunks of the map which belong to it. This could be a garden, interior you can walk into but isn't in a separate dimension, or different facilities for a single property.

Great example of this are gas stations, which have different areas for different purposes. In the example below, the blue area is a fuel station and players can use /fill there, red area is a car wash and players can /wash their cars. Both areas belong to one property, the gas station. All property management commands, ie /furniture can be used in these areas as well.

image-1621346480705.pngOne property, two different areas with different purposes