Application: Phone Call

Phone Calls

The ability to make phone calls is an essential feature of the phone system. This is the main form of communicating for most people when a text message just isn't enough.


How To Make A Phone Call

There are a few ways you can make a phone call. First and most simple is typing /call [phone number or contact name]. You can also use /c if you're in a hurry.


That works just fine but it's not as cool as pulling out your phone and dialing the number using the phone's keypad or selecting a contact from your saved contact list!


Missed a phone call and need to call them back? Head to your recents tab to see who called you or to see who you called whether the phone was answered or not.

Call Options

Once you decide how you want to make the call it'll take a brief moment to connect the call and start ringing on the other person's end. If they answer the phone you'll be greeted with the active call screen. From here you can put the call on speaker, mute your end of the call, bring up your keypad, or open your contacts screen.

Here's an example of what it looks like in chat when using the speaker and mute feature.

You'll notice the top bar of your phone's screen turns green if you go to another app while on a phone call. This shows for any active call and you can press the green bar to go back to the active call screen.

Receiving A Phone Call

If you're on the receiving end of a call you'll get a message about your phone ringing in the chat as well as a notification on your phone if it's up on your screen. If you don't have your phone up the notification will still show on the bottom right corner of your screen to let you know you're receiving a call and show the caller ID. When you answer the call you're greeted with the same active phone call screen as if you made the call and you get all the same options you had before.

akw9XOY.pngFamiliar, right?







If you're busy and can't answer the call it'll automatically end and be considered a missed call. You get a notification in the bottom right about that too. No more unlimited phone ringing when an AFK player gets a call!