Emergency Vehicle Lights System


Los Santos County Sheriff's Department Vapid Victor


A very important thing when driving an emergency vehicle is visibility. The native way Grand Theft Auto V handles emergency lights isn't great which is why we made our own system for it. This addition allows first responders to use their lights separately from their audible sirens as well as their horn while having the sirens active. Gone are the days of needing to run your sirens just to get your emergency lights to show while at a traffic stop!


How does it work?

Q key = Activate lights
1 key = Activate siren (Wail)
2 key = Activate siren (Yelp)
3 key = Activate siren (Priority)
E key (hold) = Horn

Your lights must be activated first in order to turn your sirens on. If your lights and sirens are active and you turn off the lights your siren will also turn off. Your horn will work while the sirens are active without changing the tone, it'll simply play alongside it.