Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happened to the SA-MP server?
We closed the SA-MP server down due to lack of interest and funding. We're now fully focused on building the next best thing for RageMP.

Do I get to keep my account?
Your main account stays with you. All OOC stats (level, hours played, etc) will move over to Rage. You will have to create new characters, as it's a whole new universe. This means all IC assets such as money and vehicles are wiped too, to give us a second chance at establishing good economy.

What about official factions?
Players who led official factions in the last 6 months the SA-MP server was up will get an opportunity to get their new faction fast-tracked to official. This is up to Faction Team's and Leadership's discretion.

When do you release?

How can I follow development progress?
You can see our feature documentation on, or you can follow our activity on this page, or Discord's #snippets & #announcements channels.

I was banned on SA-MP. Can I play?
Yes. All bans are wiped coming into Rage, offering everyone a fresh start. 

How do I join the staff team?
Every so often we open up our applications. Keep an eye on this thread to see when it is open:  

What about the old forums?
We're working on archiving the legacy forums, including lsgov, to make them public for reference and sentimental purposes.

How can I support the server?
Consider becoming our Patron, or join our Discord server to become a part of our community.

I'm getting some weird black screen artifacts, what's happening?
Try to adjust your shadow quality from very high to normal or vice versa.