Help System


A similar system has been used throughout the history of Los Santos Roleplay: the /helpme command. This feature has been brought forward and improved for the GTA V iteration of Los Santos Roleplay and is more player-facing than ever. The basic functionality of the help system remains the same, however players will find that the /help command no longer gives a list of commands that need to be added by the development team manually. Instead, /help will open this Wiki site in-game, so that players can check out what they need to on-the-go without ever tabbing out of their game.


/help also takes parameters, so doing /help bank will take you to the Maze Bank Application page. If you do a command like /help media, you will be prompted with possibilities.

Found multiple matches for media - did you mean any of these? Camera, Twatter


Testers can add, change and remove tags for pages. Tags are parameters alongside the page title that you can use with /help - in the screenshot below, you'd use /help tweet or /help social or /help twatter for example.


What to do if the Wiki isn't helpful

In-game Wiki entries are manually set up by staff members - if you find a page on the Wiki that you can't seem to find through the /help command, speak to a Tester and they can set up the page for access via /help.

As always, the /helpme command will remain in the server so that you can ask a staff member for help if you can't find what you're looking for on the Wiki. 

/helpme will broadcast your question to all online Testers and is able to be cancelled by you if you no longer need assistance. If you log off, your help request will be suspended so that when you log back on, you can automatically resend the help request if you still want to know the answer.

This doesn't mean you can ask anything. /helpme requests should be kept to things relating to the server, and not other games for example. You will see a message if your request is accepted or denied, and if it's accepted, it'll remind you of the question in case it's been a while. Whatever your response, it'll tell you the staff member's character name (Imperium_Test here) and account name (ImperiumXVII) in case you need to contact them again.


image-1621313596946.pngIf you find yourself using /help and navigating to a certain topic over and over, you can bookmark it yourself if you don't know how to get there through the /help tags. You can achieve this by using the /addbookmark or /abm command, specifying your own bookmark name, and similarly you can remove them with /removebookmark or /rbm.

This allows you to do, for example, /gotobookmark twatter or /gbm excellent guide if you call your bookmarks by those names!