Companies and Contracts

Companies are at the heart of civilian roleplay. They replace the concept of conventional "jobs" on a game server. Instead, you can find employment in a company which has access to different contracts that perform you to do your job, go on missions and so on.

It doesn't matter whether the company is owned by the server (so it looks like a more conventional job) a player, or another company, everyone has the ability to apply for contracts! 

To give you an example, imagine a regular "Trucking Job". In our case it could mean that any player that meets the requirements can create a company and apply for a contract with different supplier networks. That player can then purchase several trucks, hire other players and have them take advantage the trucking script. The players would still have an option to go with a server owned trucking company if they'd so desire, but the pay may not be as enticing as with privately owned one.

Our goal is to take advantage of various script features which already exist, and offer them to companies to take advantage of them and use them for their roleplay.

Mission Rewards

If you're working missions (ie taxi, waste collection, etcetera), you don't get paid after every successful mission. Instead, your pay aggregates and is sent to your bank account at the end of the hour.

The pay for missions is the same in all companies, although your employer gets a cut of your paycheck. Since employers can configure how much cut they want to take, this enables competition. Server owned companies will always take the most cut, inciting players to look for a better, player owned company.

Employment Points

There are several employment points available around the city, marked on the map. This is a player's gateway to a server owned company and there's usually little to no requirements for joining.

image-1621343214187.pngEmployment opportunity at a local scrapyard