Character Creator

Los Santos Roleplay allows you to create a character completely of your own design, based on the existing GTA: Online character system. Choose from a variety of different mothers and fathers to create truly unique faces, bodies and skin tones. Start out in a suit or with crazy hair and you'll be able to visit a clothing store or a barber shop to fix your mistakes!

Starting Out

When you first join the server, you will be asked to create a character.




Simple as pie - pick your character's sex, male or female! Note that this will affect certain things like the clothes you can wear and the hair styles you can use.

Character Seed


Your character's "seed" is your origins, where you came from. This is your parents, your skin tone, and your face. These things are not changeable and your character will look the same way for their entire lifetime, so make sure you like what you pick!


image-1621375363037.pngHere you get to pick your character's hair style and colour, including eyebrows, facial hair and chest hair, however females don't get to pick facial hair or chest hair so keep that in mind! More hair colours are available in salons where a barber can dye your hair exotic colours like blue, red or green.

There are plenty of different hair styles, each with a preview so you don't have to navigate through them all to find one you like. Simply click and it'll apply to your character!

Facial Features




Facial Features lets you completely customise your character. This is the menu that really allows your inner artist to shine, sculpting the model of your dreams to play as. You can customise your character's face completely, widening the nose or making your eyes really thin.

Your facial features will not be able to be changed either, so make sure you're happy with the final product before confirming, otherwise you'll need a new character!




image-1621376198907.pngThe Outfit tab lets you choose your starting outfit. You won't get to pick any fancy clothes here, you'll need to go to a store and actually buy those. If you wanna look like you're rich, you have go to spend at least a little of your money. Nothing is free!




Finally, choose your name. You need to follow the policy on names: your name should be in the Firstname_Lastname format.


If your chosen character name isn't already taken, you'll see a green check mark next to the name to show that it's available and follows the correct format.

Hit Create Character and you're done! Good luck making a life for yourself in San Andreas!