Barber Shop


Davis Speedcuts at 1789 Carson Avenue.


Getting Started

When you first enter a barber shop you'll be told to use the command /barber to get started. This command will place you in a barber chair and bring up the hair style menu. From here you can select the following options: Hair style, hair color, highlights, facial hair, eyebrows, and chest hair. All of these options will have different pricing. You can go in for a cheap beard trim or spend over a hundred dollars on a new hair style, color, and highlights.

Hair Style

Each hair style change is $50. There are a number of styles to pick from, some custom and some default. You can add highlights for $80 to the hair style you select if you want to make your character's hair style stand out a little more. You have 60 colors to pick from for both the hair style and highlights if you decide to get some.


A handful of hair styles and the available colors. Try mixing different colors and highlights to create different hair texture effects!


Facial Hair

Changing your character's facial hair costs $35 and the options range from a simple mustache to a goatee to a beard. You can change the opacity to act as the trim level for your character's facial hair. Changing the opacity will also cost $35 but the cost will not be stacked if you change the facial hair style and opacity together.



Eyebrows and Chest Hair

You have the option to change your character's eyebrows for $30 and chest hair for $15. There are multiple styles for each as well as the ability to change opacity level to customize them to your liking.